LinkedIn Adds a New Analytics Platform

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LinkedIn is the top social network for professionals, but it aims to become so much more. It wants to be a prominent publisher and content generator, so now it’s adding a new analytics platform that allows users to see who’s reading their content, and where the traffic coming from. It provides a breakdown on individual posts so you can see how many likes, shares, comments, and views they get. It’s being rolled out slowly, so not everyone has access to it yet, but the results so far are promising. Read my post on B2BNN to find out more.

Foursquare Ventures into the B2B Space

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Big Data is a big deal, and Foursquare has loads of it to share. CEO Dennis Crowley feels an obligation to share his company’s massive troves of location data with the world, particularly the B2B world. Foursquare is now starting to do this with the release of two new services called Foursquare Location Cloud, and Places by Foursquare. Want to know more? Read my report on B2BNN!

Dell is stepping up its analytics game

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My latest piece on B2BNN was posted Friday. This time, I look at what new moves Dell is making into the digital analytics space. A number of recent acquisitions are opening doors for the computing company, and there is also an intriguing new initiative happening in Brazil. Read more on B2BNN.

Google is soon to become an even bigger player in digital advertising

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Google is one of the biggest names in digital marketing, but soon it will become even bigger. Right now it’s testing a new data management platform called DoubleClick Audience Center which will be a part of its DoubleClick suite of digital advertising tools for advertisers, publishers, and networks. This is just the latest in a series of new developments the search giant is making to bolster its position in this market place. Read more on B2BNN.

Microsoft teams up with Cyanogen

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Recently, Microsoft acquired Android-mod Cyanogen and plans to use this partnership to bring windows apps to Android phones. Check out my report on this new development on B2BNN.