Another Front Page Story in The Financial Post

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For the second time in my career I have been published on the front page of the Financial Post! The first time was last summer with a story about entrepreneurship for immigrants, and now I have done it again with a story on, a real estate listings website with a twist.

Buyers who purchase a home listed on the site receive a 1% cash back rebate. This rebate is funded by the agent’s commission. You might think they wouldn’t be cool with that, but RFS provides them with a steady supply of free leads and takes care of all the paperwork, so all the agents really have to do is show the home. It’s a pretty sweet deal for both parties involved.

The website has made such a splash in the industry that it has already attracted investors looking for a 50% stake in the company. Did I mention that it just launched in June 2014? Not bad for such a young start up. RFS is a disruptor, and the future is looking bright.

Read the story on The Financial Post.

The Plan To Conquer LinkedIn

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In the sciences, when a procedure doesn’t work you change the method. I am now applying this basic rule to my freelancing business. Let me tell you what I mean.

I have always tried to find new clients and publications by pitching story ideas to the editors directly and following up with them. I have had some success with getting into newspapers and websites like this, but magazines have proven to be nearly impossible, and making a living via freelance journalism alone is equally impossible unless you have tons of industry connections and 10+ years of experience on your CV. Copywriting for businesses is where the money is, so where do you find those clients?

You certainly won’t find them through Craigslist or internet job boards. Those outlets are a colossal waste of time. I have sent upwards of 120+ responses to job ads and only recieved maybe 4 or 5 replies. Not a good hit rate at all. What’s more is the clients I have found can never afford my rates, so I don’t want to write for them anyway. I can’t make a living on 2 cents a word. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Ways of Making Coffee

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I’m somewhat of a coffee aficionado. After drinking the stuff every morning for at least 14 years, I know a thing or two about how to make an excellent cup of coffee. For AskMen, I covered the six best ways to brew it at home including the trendy cold brew method which can be found at a lot of indie coffee houses before winter starts. Read this article for succinct, step-by-step instructions on the top six coffee brewing methods.

I’m Going To Be On The Radio

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My recent feature in the Montreal Gazette about the pros and cons of living in Montreal got the attention of a lot of people, including CJAD. It’s an AM radio station in Montreal and they wanted to interview me about my observations for a 7 minute segment. I spoke with the radio host on saturday, and the segment will air this coming Saturday Sept 27 at 2:48 on CJAD, 800AM.

I’ve never been on the radio, so this was a great opportunity. Who knows where this might lead! I have requested a recording of the segment when it’s ready, and I’ll put it up here as soon I get it. Be sure to tune in on Saturday if you can.

10 Kick Ass Quinoa Recipes : AskMen

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September is whole grains month according to the Whole Grains Council, so for Askmen I assembled this list of 10 excellent quinoa recipes. Why quinoa? Just because its delicious, healthy, and you can do a lot with it. Up your game in the kitchen with these awesome recipes! Read the story on AskMen.