I’m Taking a Much Deserved Vacation Next Week

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a vacation. In fact, the last time I actually went on a trip that lasted more than a long weekend was when I went to Costa Rica back in 2011, so I have never taken a vacation in all my time as a freelance writer. You could say I’m about due. So, this coming Monday July 6 I will be leaving for a two-week adventure in Nova Scotia! Read the rest of this entry »

The Future is a Place Where Everything is Better

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The future is a place where everything is better, and the past is filled with suffering. In the present we tend to remember the hard times more than the good. If we want to arrive at the bright future before us, we have to let go of the past and ride the wave of the present into the days that hold our heart’s desire.

When we think of the future; say, 5 or 10 years from now; we always like to think that wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, things will be better. We’ll have more money; we’ll have a better job; we’ll own a house; we’ll take a trip around the world; we’ll finally meet “the one”. No one ever likes to think they’ll be worse off in the future. No one wants to think they’ll be broke or alone or desperate. Of course, it’s possible that we really might be worse off in the future; we might make a bad decision or life might throw us something unexpected that changes everything; but no one wants to think that way. Instead we make our future plans and envision a place where everything is better, and we have the things we desire and work so hard for. Read the rest of this entry »

I Have A Chapbook Coming Out Soon

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I’ve been writing poetry for a long time. The first poem I ever wrote was in grade six for a school assignment. It was a rhyming poem about the colour black, and my teacher was so impressed that I ended up getting an award for it at a school assembly. Not only that, Janice Atwood, who was then the chair of the Peel School Board, sent me a card commending me on my “wonderful colour poem.” I saved the card with the envelope it came in and still have it to this day. Even from a young age it seemed that I had talent for words and it’s something I’ve pursued over the years by writing relentlessly, reading tirelessly, and holding onto the dream that someday I will become known as a great writer.  Read the rest of this entry »

A Father’s Love Can Never Be Replaced

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Today is Father’s Day and while for most people this is an occasion for gift giving and celebration, for me it isn’t. My father died of colon cancer in 2001. I watched as his health declined, his body shriveled, and his stomach bloated throughout a battle that lasted almost two years. The drugs didn’t help: he would take his medication only to run to the bathroom and throw it all up. The radiation didn’t work: it only made him lose every hair on his head. The cancer spread into his liver and there was nothing that 19-year-old me could do but try to stay strong and supportive.    Read the rest of this entry »

How I Busted My Gut With A Few Simple Dietary Changes

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Like almost every other man on the face of the earth I want a six-pack. Not a beer six pack (although that would be nice), but chiselled abdominal muscles. I have gone to the gym and done all kinds of work out regimens, but nothing I did could ever seem to give me a flat stomach. Every other muscle in my body would become larger, harder, and more defined, but the gut always remained.

After doing some research into this, I found out that if you want to get a six-pack about 80 percent of the battle has to do with your diet. It’s impossible to get a flat stomach if you’re consuming too many calories, and it’s also important to consume the right kinds of calories. Processed foods, complex carbohydrates, and sugars are the worst perpetrators of expanding waistlines, so in order to get thin you need to eliminate these nasty things from your diet. Read the rest of this entry »