How To Deal With Distraction

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It is so easy to be distracted these days. We live in an age where unless you’re in the mountains a thousand miles away from civilization you are constantly assaulted with a hundred different things vying for your attention. Like this status. Watch this video. Buy this product. Read this article. Support this cause. Take this quiz. Hear this song. Follow this person. It goes on and on and social media has made it so that the torrent never ends. 

When I sit down and try to write something, why is it that I find myself constantly fighting the urge to check Facebook? Sometimes I get to the point where I am utterly disgusted with myself for my lack of ability to shut off and turn away. I want to produce something, but with so many methods of consumption offering a quick dopamine hit it is a constant challenge to stay on task. I would rather write a new short story than read another useless click-baiting trash blog of Huffington Post. Have I become an automaton dancing to the pied piper of the internet? I shudder. Read the rest of this entry »

Aereus Technologies Has A Copper-Based Solution To Infections

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Photo by Tim Fraser / National Post

Hospital acquired infections are a big problem. 8000 people die each year in Canada due to them, so it is a big draw on the health care system. There are already a number of sanitation measures in place to deal with this problem, but healthcare organizations are always open to new solutions.

Aereus Technologies has just the thing. Their proprietary technology called Aereus Shield is a copper based antimicrobial spray that can be applied to virtually any surface. It keeps things germ-free by perforating cell membranes and killing microbes instantly. It is always active and can last for years as long as the surfaces are maintained.

The challenge they face is in finding partners in the industry who will make medical devices with the shield applied to it, and then getting those Aereus-coated devices into hospitals and clinics. There has already been some buzz around this technology in the healthcare field. If they stick to the plan it might just be a matter of time until you see Aereus Shield at a hospital near you. 

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What Happened When I Started Cycling in Montreal

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Montreal was recently rated as the 3rd best cycling city in the world by CNN. We are now considered better then Copenhagen, and that is a pretty big deal.

It’s no mystery to me why Montreal is such a great place for cycling. The extensive network of lanes, beautiful parks, and art neuveau architecture make this a wonderful place to ride your bike. Montreal is also very hilly. Flying downhill and around curves is exhilarating while pumping furiously to get uphill burns loads of calories and whips you into shape. Read the rest of this entry »

Twillory: Clothes for a Cause

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Photo courtesy of Twilllory

Twillory is a new online men’s store with a good cause. Every order from Twillory comes with a mailer bag which their customers use to donate old clothing to the Re:Purpose program. It is a clothing recycling initiative for men. The used clothes are cleaned, inspected, and given to men in need. For example, a man who is out of work and needs a new suit to ace that job interview coming up next week could receive something from the program.

The clothes that Twillory makes are pretty good too. Twillory has over 100 years of family history in the textiles industry building the foundation for the brand. They actually make all their own fabrics from scratch. How about that! 

Find out more about Twillory on DailyXY

My Interview With Michael Rooker

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Guardians of the Galaxy has already smashed box office records like a supernova annihilating a solar system, and if you were one of the people who saw it this weekend you might have noticed a familiar face painted in blue. Michael Rooker, the man who played Merle Dixon in the Walking Dead, played Yondu Udonta in the Guardians film and the role was both challenging and exciting for him. He normally plays tough guys, so it was quite different from him and not just because he spent five hours in makeup turning himself into an alien. I know this because I had the opportunity of interviewing him about it. I’ve interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers, and artists but I had never interviewed a Hollywood celebrity before so I was pretty nervous. Unlike the characters he plays, Michael is a nice guy in real life. The story worked out beautifully. Marvel has already announced plans for a sequel and Michael is psyched to return to his role. If you want to find out more, read the story on AskMen!

The Passion For Poetry Is Here

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Passion: Poetry Vol. 2 has my first published poem “French Girl Behind the Counter” on page 8.

Today I finally received my copies of Passion: Poetry, the magazine which contains my first published poem! I am very excited as it arrives just in time for my return to Toronto for the weekend so I can show my family. If it came later I would not be able to take it with me when I go back tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding. Talk about perfect timing.

You can also check out Passion: Poetry online. Have a look and order a few copies!



Medical Marijuana Is A Powerful Epilepsy Treatment

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Photo courtesy of Realm of Caring
A child is administered CBD oil for her epilepsy. Photo courtesy of Realm of Caring

There is a huge list of conditions treatable with medical marijuana and epilepsy is one of them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the molecule in marijuana that acts to stop seizures. In some cases, CBD oil has been able to stop them completely. Many parents with epileptic children seek access to this medicine as the standard treatments don’t seem to work and CBD appears to be a sort of magic bullet. The problem is of course in getting access to it. In Canada, medical marijuana producers are only allowed selling dried plant material. This means that if you want an oil, you have to set up a lab in your house and make it yourself which is time consuming and expensive. Some people even move to Colorado, where pot is legal, to get easy access to the medicine their kids need.

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