New Study Reveals Many B2B Marketing Databases are Inaccurate

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How reliable is your data on a scale of 1 to 5? If you’re a B2B marketer, there’s a good chance that a lot of your records have inaccuracies or are missing vital information like phone numbers and revenue data. My latest piece on B2BNN about the new benchmark study from Dun and Bradstreet Netprospex will give you the details.

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How CMOs Are Using Twitter

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If you’re a marketing executive, Twitter is essential. Now a new study from Leadpoint and Neustar has gone into deep analysis to figure out how CMOs use Twitter. The results are useful to anyone looking for better ways to reach out to the top brass at big enterprises. I read the report and summarized the key takeaways in my latest entry on B2BNN so you don’t have to.

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Oracle Launches DaaS for B2B Marketers

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Big data is a big deal, and Oracle has a cloud-based service that gives companies access to enormous piles of it. This data enables to them to better target their campaigns and find strong sales leads. Now the enterprise software company has released even more data sets for its Data-as-a-Service, and these ones are targeted at the B2B space. I spoke with Oracle Data Cloud VP Pieter de Temmerman to find out more about what all this means, and how powerful it can be.

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Vivametrica Reveals Great Value In Wearable Tech Data

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You may have heard of the Apple Watch when it was announced earlier this month. It’s just the latest entry in a rising tech trend; wearable devices. These devices are still in their infancy, so people aren’t sure what value they offer. They can generate scores of data, but what can we do with all that data?

Vivametrica, a Calgary-based startup, knows exactly what. It uses specialized algorithms to analyze the data and determine individual health risks. For companies looking to bolster the health and wellness of its own workforce, this can be a powerful tool.

As wearable devices become more widespread, there will be a growing market for companies that extract accurate data and provide actionable advice. Vivametrica is first on the scene as there are no other companies that do exactly what they do.

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One Minute You’re On Top of the World, The Next … Not So Much

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Over the past five months I have enjoyed a very stable flow of work and adequate income thanks largely to two new clients. Everything was going great leading into the new year, and then one of those new clients decided to take their writing in-house in late January.

I figured I would be fine because I still had enough work coming with my other clients. I didn’t have to work a lot of hours to make a decent income which was nice because it gave me a lot of leisure time. There were days when I only put in about three or four hours of work and that was enough to maintain my livelihood. The first 2.5 years of my career were mostly spent pitching stories or looking for new clients, so it was a huge relief to finally sit back and not have to worry about marketing or pitching for a while as I had all the work I needed coming down the pipeline on assignment.  Read the rest of this entry »