The Passion For Poetry Is Here

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Passion: Poetry Vol. 2 has my first published poem “French Girl Behind the Counter” on page 8.

Today I finally received my copies of Passion: Poetry, the magazine which contains my first published poem! I am very excited as it arrives just in time for my return to Toronto for the weekend so I can show my family. If it came later I would not be able to take it with me when I go back tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding. Talk about perfect timing.

You can also check out Passion: Poetry online. Have a look and order a few copies!



Medical Marijuana Is A Powerful Epilepsy Treatment

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Photo courtesy of Realm of Caring
A child is administered CBD oil for her epilepsy. Photo courtesy of Realm of Caring

There is a huge list of conditions treatable with medical marijuana and epilepsy is one of them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the molecule in marijuana that acts to stop seizures. In some cases, CBD oil has been able to stop them completely. Many parents with epileptic children seek access to this medicine as the standard treatments don’t seem to work and CBD appears to be a sort of magic bullet. The problem is of course in getting access to it. In Canada, medical marijuana producers are only allowed selling dried plant material. This means that if you want an oil, you have to set up a lab in your house and make it yourself which is time consuming and expensive. Some people even move to Colorado, where pot is legal, to get easy access to the medicine their kids need.

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32 Heart Healthy Foods and Exercises

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Cardiovascular diseases are one of the biggest man-killers out there according to Stats Canada. So gents, you need to take care of your heart and lungs by feeding your body the right foods and also getting a sufficient amount of exercise each day to keep those organs in top condition. I completed another gallery round up about this subject for AskMen and it was just posted yesterday. Check it out and see if you’re already eating the right foods and doing the right exercises to keep your blood pumping and rich with oxygen.

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Medical Marijuana for Veterans with PTSD

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One thing I have always known about weed is that after smoking it you don’t have any dreams when you sleep. I never liked that, but for veterans with PTSD this is a welcome relief. The nightmares they face every night as a result of their condition are effectively eliminated by taking a little medical marijuana. The problem, however, is in getting access to it. Many doctors feel there needs to be more research, but the evidence so far is tough to ignore. I spoke to two veterans, one in the US and one in Canada, who are fighting for better access to the drug for veterans with PTSD.

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Where Do Stories Come From?

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The nature of work for a freelance writer is immensely different from what it once was due to the internet. With a quick Google search you can find everything you want to know about just about anything.

Compare this to “the old days” where if you wanted information you had to either call an expert on the phone, or go to the library. Both of these involved a lot more physical initiative than what we do today. Information used to be a precious commodity but now there is so much of it out there we hardly know what to do with it all. Read the rest of this entry »

Testosterone Boosting Foods

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A wise man once said you are what you eat. So, if you’re a man, you might want to make sure your diet contains the right foods to keep your veins pumping full of that vital, virile, manly molecule: testosterone! There are a lot of foods out there with the right stuff to give your T-levels a nudge in the upward direction. The main things to look for are cholesterol, magnesium, zinc, iron, and omega-3s. Check out this gallery I put together for AskMen to get a the low down on what you should be putting down your gullet to keep your T-levels up.


My First Published Poem Is Here!

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I have been writing poetry since high school but until now I have never been published. I have done many submissions, written many poems, done many open mic readings, and gone to many writers groups and now, at very long last, I have finally had a poem published in a real literary journal! I never thought this poem was that amazing and I was surprised they chose this one out of the four I sent, but hey, that just shows how subjective literature is.

My poem “French Girl Behind the Counter” was published in Vol. 2 of Passion: Poetry which was released at the Ottawa Small Press fair in early June. Grab a copy and check it out! I’m pumped to do more submissions and get more of my work in print!

Check out Passion: Poetry