I’m Going To Be On The Radio

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My recent feature in the Montreal Gazette about the pros and cons of living in Montreal got the attention of a lot of people, including CJAD. It’s an AM radio station in Montreal and they wanted to interview me about my observations¬†for a 7 minute segment. I spoke with the radio host on saturday, and the segment will air this coming Saturday Sept 27 at 2:48 on CJAD, 800AM.

I’ve never been on the radio, so this was a great opportunity. Who knows where this might lead! I have requested a recording of the segment when it’s ready, and I’ll put it up here as soon I get it. Be sure to tune in on Saturday if you can.

10 Kick Ass Quinoa Recipes : AskMen

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September is whole grains month according to the Whole Grains Council, so for Askmen I assembled this list of 10 excellent quinoa recipes. Why quinoa? Just because its delicious, healthy, and you can do a lot with it. Up your game in the kitchen with these awesome recipes! Read the story on AskMen.

To Cafe, or Not To Cafe? That is the Question

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One of the perks of freelance life is that you can pick up your things and move out to another location, like a cafe, on a whim. A change of venue can sometimes be just the thing to get your creative juices flowing and help focus on work when the doldrums of home begin to overwhelm.

But I have found that going to a cafe can sometimes have the opposite effect. There have been times when I thought that going out would help, but upon sitting down at a coffee shop of my choice realized that I was no better able to work at the cafe than I was at home, and I just spent $3 on an espresso long to boot.

There are a few things you can ask yourself to determine if going to a cafe will help or hinder your progress. Here’s what to consider. Read the rest of this entry »

How Montreal Turned Me Into A Bread Snob

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I’m a fairly health-conscious person. When I go grocery shopping, I fill my cart with fresh fruit and veggies, nutritious snacks, lean meats, and healthy breads.¬†I obsessively read the ingredients on everything I buy and if I see anything I don’t like, like sucralose or glucose-fructose, I put it back on the shelf and seek a better alternative. Too many foods out there are loaded with chemical garbage that can wreak havoc on your body over the long term and result in chronic illnesses like cancer or diabetes. These I avoid.

When I moved to Montreal I noticed they have a different selection of breads here. No longer did I find cheap Wonderbread on the shelf. Instead I find Ste. Methode, a Quebec brand that boasts of no added sugar or fat and comes in a variety of flavours. I gladly purchase this every time, even though it does cost a little more. It’s worth it for the superior taste, and the comfort of knowing I’ve made the healthy decision. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Montreal Police Wear Camo Pants

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A while ago I noticed something funny about the police in Montreal; they all wear camouflage pants instead of the regular black pants that go with their uniforms.This was very strange to me, and it bothered me for many months. Eventually I took the initiative to find out. Read the rest of this entry »