Do You Need a Freelance Writer?

I’m Chris Riddell, a professional freelance writer with a diverse background in print and online  journalism, copywriting, digital content writing, and blogging. My business, Riddell Creative, is all about helping people and organizations communicate better through carefully crafted content that showcases their brand image and resonates with readers.

Why Hire A Freelance Writer?

Every business has a website. It’s not even debatable that you need one to be competitive in the Information Age. With millions of websites vying for page rankings, the need for high quality content to fill the blogs and pages of company websites has never been higher. The need for quality written content will only grow as businesses continue to rely on the internet.

A constant barrage of media and information floods our senses every day though computers, TVs, and phones, so attention spans have become shorter ever. When someone visits a website it has just a few seconds to hook them. If it fails, the user quickly loses interest and goes somewhere else. Your business needs to capture their attention and direct them to what your company has to offer. That’s why good writing is at the core of boosting your brand image, search engine rankings, web traffic, and customer conversion.

A good writer can do that for you. You can always turn to content mills which offshore writing work to developing nations for just pennies a word, but, as with so many things in life, you get what you pay for. Those overseas writers aren’t as fluent in the nuances and patterns of the English language as a native speaker with a formal education in the craft, and years of experience writing for English-speaking companies like yours. That’s why you should hire a professional freelance writer.

What Can A Freelance Writer Do for You?

Freelance writing encompasses a wide range of different types of writing. Some freelance writers specialize in just one, while others offer a variety. Here’s what Riddell Creative can do for you.

  • Blogging and content delivery. A regular schedule of content is essential for blogging success. I would provide you with the written content and a posting schedule.
  • Ghostwritten articles and books. Many executives want to publish an article or a book under their name but don’t have the time to write it themselves. Let me take care of the writing and allow you to put your name on it.
  • Bios and profiles. Are the staff bios on your website a little flat? I’ll spruce them up and make them sing. Maybe you want to add more detailed staff profiles to the site? I’ll do it with colour, personality, and character.
  • White papers and case studies. These are still powerful ways for a business to demonstrate its value to prospective customers. I’ll write magnificent copy that makes customers remember your brand and want to know more.
  • Press releases. Press releases tell the world what your business is up to and attract publicity. But there are good press releases and then there are lousy press releases. I’ll write you a hit.
  • Features and reporting. My background is in journalism and I mainly cover travel, technology, business, and urban affairs. Does your publication need a skilled features writer? Maybe you need someone to cover an event? Journalism is my specialty!

My Experience

I have an advanced diploma in Journalism, Print and Broadcast from Humber College, and a wide range of experience writing for national newspapers, content agencies, small businesses, and big corporations. My clients include The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Yellow Pages, BDO Canada, Torontoist, Ask Men, and General Electric, just to name a few. My areas of expertise include business, finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and travel.

I’ve also been writing poetry from a young age. To date, I’ve been published in several excellent literary journals such as Vallum and Sulphur. While my creative work does not showcase my journalism or copywriting abilities, it demonstrates my flair for colourful, powerful, vivid prose. Writing is not just my career, it’s my way of life.

Hire A Freelance Writer!

Now are you convinced that a professional freelance writer can help grow your business? Contact me today to talk about your content needs and I’ll offer a free price quote on the spot.

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