Art is Everywhere on the Danforth

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This week I had another story published on The Grid.  This one is about the Art of the Danforth outdoor art festival that is going on from May 20-June 10.  This was a quick story I fired off in a day after discovering the festival by reading the news that morning. After some research on the event webpage I found out about a media launch party that day.  I pitched it immediately and thankfully my editor got back to me quickly otherwise I might have missed out on this one. This just goes to show that story ideas are everywhere and all you have to do is stay open, keep reading, and pay attention.

Here’s a link to my story on The Grid.  I’ve also included below a small album with some pictures the event organizers have allowed me to use.  If you live in Toronto, be sure to check out Art of the Danforth before its over.  You’ll find public art installations all over the place.  It’s a good time, I swear.


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