A Bike Park in Sunnyside, The Solution to Bike Theft, an Extraordinary Inventor, and a Castle Reborn

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Sunnyside Bike Park (online)

Next year, Sunnyside will have a bike park and its being designed by Jay Hoots, one of the finest bike park makers in the wide world. Designs have been released and there will be something for riders of all skill levels.  Even a snack bar.  Not bad.

Bicycle Station (online)

Worried about having your bike stolen?  Well fear not!  There is a place in Toronto where you can park your bike under 24 hour video surveillance with members-only key card access.

Bionic Concepts (print)

JP Rishea, owner of Bionic Concepts, may be the only person in the world who makes mechanical angel wings and sci-fi body armour.  This one was in the print edition of The Grid, but can also be found online.

Jamie Bell Adventure Playground (print)

On St. Patrick’s Day weekend the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground in High Park was heinously burned down.  The outraged community pulled together and a massive project was initiated to rebuild it better than ever.  Mike Holmes was involved in the project and I did a brief interview with him on scene concerning the new castle a week before it reopened.  I


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