An ecological future for the DVP, a Perilous Hazard for Cyclists, and Toronto’s Storage Wars

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The Parkway of Least Resistance Plan looks at four possible futures for the DVP.  Do nothing? Build a subway?  Make it a double decker? A group of architects and designers think it should be planted with grass and trees and a public transit networks built into it with pedestrian ad cycling paths.  it seems like a wild idea, but it is a creative solution to a mounting problem.

In my piece about the dangers of streetcar tracks I look at some of the worst track areas for cyclists.  We’ve also compiled a map of track related cyclist accidents, some were bloody wipeouts and others were lucky to only injure their pride.

In August I went to a round of storage auctions and got to see if there’s any truth to Storage Wars. There’s an excitement in the air every time they open a locker and everyone passes by to have a look inside.  The bidding is when the fun begins, but it only last about 30 seconds, maybe a minute and then they move on to the next one.  No one started a fight or even yelled in anger the whole time.  The enthralling auction house drama of the A&E series had apparently set me up for disappointment.  There wasn’t anything valuable either.  Just a lot of dusty of furniture.  Even still the quest for valuable relics and treasure continues for the auction buyers.


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