The tallest condo in town

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Photo courtesy of Canderel Stoneridge

It’s no secret that Toronto is exploding with condos.  The city has more cranes in the air than any other city in North America and this puts us into a wonderfully strange time of glass towers sprouting skyward like sunflowers all over the place.  At Yonge and Gerrard one particular tower called Aura will be the tallest residential building in North America at 78 storeys when complete.  But the thing that really flabbergasts me about it isn’t its monolithic height, but the $18 million penthouse suite on the top floor.  I can’t help but wonder who is going shell out that much cash.  Not only that, it will have retail, restaurants, and services available in the five storey podium and basement concourse which is connected to the subway.  It’s a place to live, dine, and shop all in one.  Read all about it on The Grid.


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