Bridges and condos and pools, oh my!

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Last week for Torontoist I reported on a public consultation meeting regarding the Fort York pedestrian bridge, a project that’s been delayed due to having cost estimates well over what the city is budgeting.  The project team had to come up with a new design that would be cheaper. They presented three possibilities at the meeting in the gymnasium of Niagara Street Junior Public School last Thursday.

Instead of one big bridge, it’ll be chopped into two smaller ones with a park space in between which links up with a nearby condo development.  The condo development called the Ordnance Triangle, a rather clunky name,  had to be considered into the redesign but at the meeting residents seemed more concerned with the condos than the bridge. Mixed use buildings such as those run the risk of falling to the same cliche that is become all too prevalent in Hog Town these days.

They also want to put a public pool in the park, but that’s very pie-in-the-sky right now.

At any rate, construction on the bridge won’t start until late 2014.  Read about it on Torontoist.


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