Art, art, everywhere!

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Artist Claire Hall. Photo by Tanja Tiziana

When I found out that my old college friend Sheena Lyonnais was going to be the new managing editor for Yonge Street Media, I nearly flipped.  I hadn’t seen her since we lived in residence back in 2005.  As it happens, I had a great story idea to pitch to her.

Public art is becoming an integral part of the the condo market. In Toronto we have more cranes in the sky than anywhere else in Canada, but simply having nice new buildings doesn’t cut it.  Residents want something more to add a little spice to their property.  This is where public art comes in.  Either inside the suite, or out in the open, art is essential in attracting new buyers and some of the things you can find are pretty impressive.

Take the metal sculptures created by Chilean artist Francisco Gazitua, for example.  Whether you’re looking at Barca Volante, Rosa Nautica, or Puente de Luz, you’ll be stunned by the stylistic detail in his creations. Pretty much any property going up in Toronto these days has some kind of art, but Gazitua’s sculptures are some of the best in the city. (At least I like to think so.)

Pictured above is Toronto-based artist Claire Hall.  She specializes in creating original art work for condos.  She knows first-hand how seeing original artwork in a new suite can influence a potential buyer.

This is my first piece for Yonge Street Media, but I have another one in the hopper.  What that will be about, however, is my little secret.


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