Got nothing to do this weekend? Try Speakeasy

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Photo by DJ Endgame from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.

Let’s face it, night life can be pretty shitty sometimes.  You’ve got bars, clubs, and… what else? You could go to your buddy’s place for 50th time this year and drink beer, but that’s not a very exciting way to spend a Friday night.  Here’s an idea: log onto Speakeasy and peruse their list of events happening in a neighbourhood near you (if you happen to be in Toronto, New York, or San Francisco).

I met with founder Kevin Bracken over coffee last week and we talked about this new web app which is basically like social networking combined with party planning. In the past his company Newmindspace has been responsible for such crazy events as the Dayglo Lightsaber Battle and International Pillow Fight Day so you could say he’s passionate about throwing events that defy the norm. Speakeasy allows people to do just that.

The events people create can be open to the public so anyone can show up, or private so that people have to send a request first.  This allows for that all-important screening of bad apples who might want to sully your awesome evening. This weekend is its launch event and Bracken hopes for this thing to really take off. Go ahead and take a look at what’s going on in Toronto this weekend.  The taste tripping party sounds particularly interesting!

For the full story on Speakeasy, check it out on Torontoist.





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