Running wild in a Lego brick wonderland

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Photo by Christopher Drost

Legoland Toronto, which is opening in Vaughan Mills Mall on March 1 staged a preview session for the media and I was on the case for Torontoist. I love reporting on events and take any opportunity I can to get out of my apartment and do something in the field, so for me this assignment was perfect.

The Legoland Discovery Centre is an incredible wonderland where almost everything is made of Lego bricks.  There’s even a microcosm of Toronto called Miniland which has many famous Toronto landmarks and buildings constructed in amazing detail.

Some other features worth mentioning here: you can discover how much you weigh in Lego bricks.  There are human-sized characters created out of Lego.  There is a section where you make Lego cars and send them flying down a ramp. There’s a carnival ride, a jungle gym, and a 4D Cinema. There are pictures on the wall made of Lego and even the frames are made of Lego. You can discover how Lego is made.  There’s a funhouse-style ride where kids shoot things with laser guns.  When you enter there’s a Lego dragon with a big Lego sword.  There’s Lego everywhere.  Lego Lego Lego!

Thanks to the fine expertise of pro photographer Christopher Drost, we had a butt load of great pictures to sift through.  I whittled it down to 28 which is easily the biggest gallery I’ve assembled yet.  The captions where fun to write too. Check it out on Torontoist!


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