Mr. Riddell, the poet will see you now.

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Mount Sinai Hospital poet-in-residence Ronna Bloom writes a poem for me at the spontaneous poetry booth.

A hospital is last place you might expect to find a poet at work, but at Mount Sinai you’ll find Ronna Bloom offering writing workshops and coaching sessions where she deftly spreads the healing power of poetry to the stressed out hospital staff and patients.

On Wednesday this week, and for the second time in her residence, she held a spontaneous poetry booth where for just a buck Bloom writes a poem for any who ask on the spot in under five minutes. The results of these impromptu poems are unpredictable, but what often happens is people end up crying because her words hit a nerve of truth and resonates through them. Pictured above she is writing a poem for me. I, however, did not cry. Maybe being a journalist is giving me a hard heart.

Read the story on Torontoist.


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