Environmental Art and a Mural Making Course

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Photo by Corbin Smith / Torontoist

I love writing about art. It comes easily and really allows me to use my powers of observation which I excel at. So when this assignment to report on the Gladstone Hotel’s new art show Grow Op presented itself, I snapped it up instantly.

It was much like Come Up To My Room which I reported on back in January. The Gladstone Hotel lobby, Art Bar, and second floor rooms were filled with funky art stuffs. The show was themed on landscapes, cityscapes, and public space so almost all the exhibits had plants incorporated in their designs and there were a lot of interactive elements as well. No free drink ticket this time though. Even still, it was still an intriguing afternoon at the Gladstone.

Read the story on Torontoist.

Photo by Chris Riddell / Torontoist

I had been looking for someone to take this story for a while, and Torontoist let me do it. Mural Routes is a non profit arts organization that promotes public murals, and teaches those interested about how to make them. At Flemingdon Park library last weekend the terminal installment of Step by Step, an eight-week mural making course, took place. The students worked on their final masterpieces which will be used by the Mural Routes team as source material for a mural going on the interior of the famous Rainbow Tunnel by the DVP. I couldn’t get a photographer for this one since it was on a Saturday, and no one ever wants to work on Saturday. Amazingly though, my crappy pocket camera managed to take a picture that worked out.

Read the story on Torontoist.


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