Crazy Socks and Transit Tales

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Cole and Parker is a new brand of designer socks coming to small boutiques in Toronto

I wrote an article about socks! That’s right, socks! This is my first ever piece in the realm of men’s style, so I was happy to write this short piece for DailyXY. Cole and Parker are designer socks coming soon to a small boutique retailer near you (if you live in Toronto) and these socks have a catch. About 20% of the profits goes towards a microfinancing program which supports small business entrepreneurs. For this reason they call them, “socks that start business.” Not bad. And hey, look at those funky ass designs! I’ll take three please.

Read the story on DailyXY

Photo by Rick Madonik / Toronto Star

It’s been a while since I got something published on The Grid TO, and I was happy to make my return. The reason for my hiatus, after almost a full year of steady back to back articles, was due to a temporary budget crunch. What I’ve done here is compile about a dozen stories from people about crazy things they’ve seen happen while riding the TTC. From Listerine-swilling hobos to enraged maniacs there are no shortage of wild stories out there and I went direct to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, to get them. Almost all of the stories contained herein were gained by talking to the people face to face. I went to bookstores, coffee shops, barber shops, and various other places where the people are generally chill to get the stories. It was a lot of leg work, but that’s cool. It gives me a reason to get out of the house for a change.

Read the story on The Grid TO.


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