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Photo from the Toronto Archives

If you pick up a copy of this week’s edition of NOW Magazine you’ll find a “Frontlines” article written by yours truly.

I covered a campaign the NDP launched to support a private members bill with the goal of restoring environmental protections to the Humber River– environmental protections that were stripped from that river along with 98% of all water bodies in Canada when the nefarious HarperCons passed their second omnibus budget bill, Bill C-45, in November 2012.

The campaign is called “Respect our Rivers” and they’re going around collecting signatures and presenting petitions to the House of Commons. These private members bills often don’t go very far unfortunately, and Harper is if anything an obstinate leader, but this is an issue close to me as I support  anything pro-environment. This was also a nice assignment to cover because it allowed me to write about something a little more hard and political than what I’ve normally done.

Read the story on NOW Toronto.


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