End the Hipster Hate

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You’ve seen them. They’re everywhere. Hipsters. Thick rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, scruffy beards and ironic tattoos. They knew about the trendy garage band you’re listening to before it was cool, and their film tastes include a raft of independent auteurs you’ve never heard of.  They’re here to stay and they aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they’re multiplying! Just look at this hipster heat map of downtown Toronto.

It's not surprising that they're concentrated on Queen Street West.
It’s not surprising that they’re concentrated on Queen Street West.

The word hipster is often used a derogatory term for sissy douchebags too trendy for their own good. But why all this hate? Why all this derision against a certain lifestyle? Is it the incessant irony? The insistence on being non conformist and yet falling into a conformity all their own? Or maybe it’s just that people are getting tired of seeing young men in plaid shirts and non-prescription glass drinking PBR. I don’t know, but it has to stop.

Brother and sisters, I call upon you all to end the hipster hate! By condemning these people you are committing to a new form of racism, or classism, if you will. They are people just like you are I, and although they may have obscure tastes, they are no less deserving of being treated justly. If you prick them do they not bleed?

Don’t try doing that please. I can assure you they will most definitely bleed if you stick them with a pin. Live and let live, I say. Let them wear their ironic tattoos and prodigious facial hair with pride. It isn’t hurting anyone.

No one’s forcing you to be a hipster too. Although you can become one if you so desire. I don’t think anyone is stopping you. Just be aware that hating the hipster is a losing battle, and one that is a waste of your energy. Direct your vehemence somewhere it’s deserved like US drone strikes, abusive mining companies in South America, or the endless destruction of Native lands by the oil industry in northern Canada.

End the hipster hate. They don’t deserve it.


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