Well, that’s just dandy!

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When I arrive in Montreal, I won’t just be up to the same old tricks. I will have a mission to accomplish. I’ll be distributing Dandyhorse magazine to the cycling community by looking for bike shops, book stores, and other locations willing to carry it.

Dandyhorse is a cycling magazine focused on Toronto specifically, but in my meeting with editor Tammy Thorne last week we discussed the possibility of going national, or even across North America with it. Why limit your magazine to just one city? My job for Dandyhorse will be not only to look for outlets in Montreal, but also to provide Montreal-focused content for the blog and the magazine. Think of me as the Montreal correspondent and distribution manager. Oooh, I like the sound of that.

Every contributing member of Dandyhorse has to write a Dandycommute story which is basically a questionnaire about their daily commute with some pictures accompanying the tale. Mine was posted on Friday. Take a look at it here.

It’s no secret that I’m crazy about cycling, so playing a major role with this magazine is pretty awesome. Montreal is a great place to distribute Dandyhorse because it is rated as one of the top cycling cities in the world. When I was there I can definitely say that I saw a lot of people on bikes, either their own or Bixi bikes. There will no doubt be a lot of hustling involved in creating a solid distribution network over there, but it will be well worth the effort.

Watch out Montreal, it’s about to get dandy up in there!


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