My New Life in Montreal

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mtl separated lanes (2)I can hardly believe I haven’t updated this blog in a month. The hiatus has been due largely to me adjusting my entire life to these new surroundings in Montreal, and this requires a complete realignment of what I’m doing with myself every day.

For starters, I got a day job so I’m not freelancing every day 9-5. I’m still making time for certain assignments, but having a regular job allows me to pick and choose what I work on rather than fighting tooth and nail for even the most meager assignments just to keep myself busy and my accounts receivable in the four digit range. Of course I am by no means giving up writing, I just take the highest paying assignments that are most interesting to me, and I don’t have to spend so much time generating story ideas. It also introduces some stability and regularity into my life which is something I sorely needed. The job I have taken is not glamorous at all. Since I now live in Montreal and don’t speak French fluently, the only job I can get other than working for an English language magazine or newspaper, which there are few of, is at a call center. So far, I’ve actually been doing well there and I’m looking forward to my first paycheque this week.

I’m also getting up early now. 6 a.m. to be precise. I get up early like this because many great writers have maintained a habit of getting up super early to do their writing as they found this is the only way to balance writing a book with their day jobs or raising a family. This is my second day getting up at 6 a.m., and I have to say it is working well so far. I work on my fiction and poetry for 90 minutes or so in the morning, and then I don’t have to worry about it anymore for the rest of the day. After work I come home and can work on freelancing, which I get paid for, and then I take a couple hours at night to catch up on my reading. Its a good routine, and after searching for nearly two years to find one that works, I think this is it.

I’m also making time to attend French workshops at least one night a week, so this also cuts into the time I might have otherwise spent on freelancing. I still need to find a good gym or sports league to join, and that will get me out of the house even more.

My life is different now, and I don’t freelance full time. Believe me, its a good thing. Freelance writing has got to be the toughest way to make a living considering you get no benefits, no retirement plan, and no certainty about how much you’ll be make each month. It was stressing me the fuck out, and I needed to fix that problem for my own good. Things change, but I will never stop writing.


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