Profile on Rudolf Popradi: Master Bespoke Tailor

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Master bespoke tailor Rudolf Popradi at work in his home workshop. Photo courtesy of Rudolf Popradi

There are very few true bespoke tailors in the world, but Rudolf Popradi is one of them. He is keeping this specialized craft alive from his home workshop in Montreal where he crafts two suits a month completely by hand. With a lifetime of experience, he is a true master. You need to a have a real passion to be a true bespoke tailor, and he discovered his love for the craft when he was just 13 years old growing up in Budapest, Hungary. Today he serves clients from as far away as Europe, and even has a few in New York City who fly in just to see him.

Read more about Rudolf Popradi’s mastery of bespoke tailoring on DailyXY



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