Tamara Cartwright-Poulits: Medical Marijuana User

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Photo courtesy of Tamara Cartwright-Poulits

My latest medical marijuana patient profile is now up on  MediJean.

For Tamara Cartwright-Poulits, pot does triple duty as she uses it for chronic pain, ADD, and colitis. The Albertan mom is active in the medical marijuana community and fervently opposes the upcoming changes to medical marijuana access in Canada. She grows her own plants, but the new legislation being put into effect on April 1 will make it illegal for her to continue to grow as only certified companies will be able to do so legally. The new laws are basically paving the way for “Big Marijuana.”

Right now, she is involved with a court case challenging the new rules. Her, and many other medical marijuana patients will have to fork over a lot more money to get their medicine, and they also wont be able to carry as much. She feels these changes are unconstitutional, as do the thousands of others alongside her.

Read about how medical marijuana increases Tamara’s quality of life on MediJean.


One thought on “Tamara Cartwright-Poulits: Medical Marijuana User

    jamesknapejr said:
    March 7, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    great material. I agree with a lot of your points. It really made me think/

    I would appreciate a view of my blog, I have some pretty controversial material on here. Thanks. im a weed advocate and have an article on marijuana as well

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