My Interview With Michael Rooker

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Photo courtesy of AskMen

Guardians of the Galaxy has already smashed box office records like a supernova annihilating a solar system, and if you were one of the people who saw it this weekend you might have noticed a familiar face painted in blue. Michael Rooker, the man who played Merle Dixon in the Walking Dead, played Yondu Udonta in the Guardians film and the role was both challenging and exciting for him. He normally plays tough guys, so it was quite different from him and not just because he spent five hours in makeup turning himself into an alien. I know this because I had the opportunity of interviewing him about it. I’ve interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers, and artists but I had never interviewed a Hollywood celebrity before so I was pretty nervous. Unlike the characters he plays, Michael is a nice guy in real life. The story worked out beautifully. Marvel has already announced plans for a sequel and Michael is psyched to return to his role. If you want to find out more, read the story on AskMen!


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