Aereus Technologies Has A Copper-Based Solution To Infections

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Photo by Tim Fraser / National Post

Hospital acquired infections are a big problem. 8000 people die each year in Canada due to them, so it is a big draw on the health care system. There are already a number of sanitation measures in place to deal with this problem, but healthcare organizations are always open to new solutions.

Aereus Technologies has just the thing. Their proprietary technology called Aereus Shield is a copper based antimicrobial spray that can be applied to virtually any surface. It keeps things germ-free by perforating cell membranes and killing microbes instantly. It is always active and can last for years as long as the surfaces are maintained.

The challenge they face is in finding partners in the industry who will make medical devices with the shield applied to it, and then getting those Aereus-coated devices into hospitals and clinics. There has already been some buzz around this technology in the healthcare field. If they stick to the plan it might just be a matter of time until you see Aereus Shield at a hospital near you. 

Read the story on The Financial Post



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