How Montreal Turned Me Into A Bread Snob

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I’m a fairly health-conscious person. When I go grocery shopping, I fill my cart with fresh fruit and veggies, nutritious snacks, lean meats, and healthy breads. I obsessively read the ingredients on everything I buy and if I see anything I don’t like, like sucralose or glucose-fructose, I put it back on the shelf and seek a better alternative. Too many foods out there are loaded with chemical garbage that can wreak havoc on your body over the long term and result in chronic illnesses like cancer or diabetes. These I avoid.

When I moved to Montreal I noticed they have a different selection of breads here. No longer did I find cheap Wonderbread on the shelf. Instead I find Ste. Methode, a Quebec brand that boasts of no added sugar or fat and comes in a variety of flavours. I gladly purchase this every time, even though it does cost a little more. It’s worth it for the superior taste, and the comfort of knowing I’ve made the healthy decision.

That’s not all. A couple months ago I finally caught on to the glory that is the french baguette. At Premier Moisson, a Quebec-based bakery chain, you can find some of the most incredible breads I have ever seen. You walk into the store and are flooded with a bouquet of different scents and dazzled with a display case of all manner of loaves, muffins, cookies, danishes, choclatines, and baguettes. From the first time I bit into one of those baguettes I never looked back. Now I will go out of my way to obtain one of these sacred bread sticks to make sandwiches. A sandwich with regular bread just isn’t as satisfying anymore. It appears my taste in breads has reached the next level thanks to Montreal’s signature bakery chain.

But my bread-snobbery doesn’t end there. Yesterday I discovered that I will not even consider buying a cheaper brand of bread than what I have become accustomed to. I wanted to make a sandwich so I could eat before heading out for the afternoon, but alas! I had no bread left. I went to both of the depanneurs in my neighbourhood but could not find a suitable candidate.

I walked in the store and each time located the bread immediately. “Hmm, this is all the bread you have?” I said with disappointment. I picked up a loaf and read the ingredients. Glucose-fructose! My nemesis! I put it back down with distaste and left the store. In the end I opted not to have a sandwich at all if I could not get the bread I wanted. (I did not have time to go to the grocery store or bakery because I had to catch the bus soon to meet a friend).

That’s right: I would rather go hungry than consume an inferior product. I am a bread snob, square and true, and I will not make any compromises.

Now if you’ll excuse me, all this talk about sandwiches has made me hungry. As it happens I have a Premier Moisson baguette in my kitchen right now and just thinking about it is making my mouth water.


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