New Financial Post Feature: WPV Corp

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Michael Rosenberg (left) and Richard Beer (right), two of the four founding members of WPV Corp. Photo by Matthew Sherwood / The National Post

It’s getting really tough to place work in newspapers these days as page counts dwindle and freelance budgets disintegrate, but I’m still maintaining my long-standing relationship with The Financial Post’s Entrepreneur section. My latest piece is in today’s edition and it covers WPV Corp, a SaaS which helps companies stay compliant with workplace health and safety legislation. Violations result in huge fines that can cripple or shut down a company if they get bad enough, so this software can be just the thing to keep companies out of hot water. WPV Corp is less than a year old, so it has a lot of growing to do but as long as it stays true to its vision and offers good value, the market will hopefully reward it with top clientele.

Read the story on The National Post


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