I live tweeted AccelerateMTL last week

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Photo taken by Benedicte Brocard

Last week I had the chance to do something that I get too few opportunities to do these days: I covered an event!

It was the fifth annual installment of AccelerateMTL and I was there live tweeting all the key points. The day-long event was a celebration of startups connecting them with venture capitalists. The lineup of speakers included a wide range of successful investors and startup founders, and Olympic gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau was also there with a keynote speech of his own.

The main takeaway of the day was the importance of building relationships. No entrepreneur, no matter how savvy and passionate they might be, can make it on their own. Not only must they make connections, but also nurture those connections into the strong and long-lasting relationships that it takes to grow a company from a start up to a big enterprise.

You can read my recap of the event on Future of Work, and catch up with the #AccelerateMTL tweets on @GoToMeetingCA.

In the future I hope to have more opportunities like this. I get to do things in the field so rarely these days, and it gets a little boring being chained to a desk all the time.


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