A New Place And A New Direction

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This week I underwent a seismic shift in my life. After living in a small, dirty studio apartment in the basement for almost two years, I finally moved upstairs into a large one bedroom apartment with loads of sunlight, a balcony and, (oh yes), a great workspace to call an office. For a long time I’ve been looking forward to this and now that I have it I feel like I should be doing backflips. I won’t have internet at home until June 10, so in the meantime I have to go to cafes and libraries for free WiFi so I can do my work, but I’m already feeling far more content and comfortable in my new abode.

With this new apartment comes a refreshed outlook on my writing career. Sitting at my new desk last night with my typewriter in front of me, laptop on the left and notebooks on the right, I felt happy for the first time in ages. From here I feel like all things are possible and I will go much further in my career. I wrote late into the night and brainstormed ideas for what I’m going to do from here on out. There is much to do.

First of all, this blog is woefully underutilized. For a long time now I’ve only been using it to post little teasers about my published works, but a blog should be a place to showcase my writing and not just a place to promote the work I do for other people. I cover business and finance a lot, and that’s fine because I can make a decent living writing about that stuff, but it’s not where my real passion lies and great writing comes from covering something that you’re passionate about.

So what do I really want to write about? The environment, health, science, art, literature, and lifestyle issues. The thing is, I don’t have any clients paying me to write about those things. What I can do, on the other hand, is write about them here. If no one will give me a byline in a magazine or a high-profile website, I can still put it on the internet where it’s accessible to everyone.

From now on, this blog will not only be a place to post article teasers. It will be a place where I write about those things I just mentioned that really interest me. If I want to showcase my best writing, the way to do that is to cover what I love and put it out there regardless of the fact that I’m not being paid. You can expect to see the first post under this new editorial direction soon. Stay tuned.


One thought on “A New Place And A New Direction

    Deena Bogan said:
    June 5, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    Chris, I’m SOOO thrilled to hear/read this!!! You already sound like a much happier camper than you did just a few weeks ago when we “met” in LI. Write ON!!!

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