How I Busted My Gut With A Few Simple Dietary Changes

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Like almost every other man on the face of the earth I want a six-pack. Not a beer six pack (although that would be nice), but chiselled abdominal muscles. I have gone to the gym and done all kinds of work out regimens, but nothing I did could ever seem to give me a flat stomach. Every other muscle in my body would become larger, harder, and more defined, but the gut always remained.

After doing some research into this, I found out that if you want to get a six-pack about 80 percent of the battle has to do with your diet. It’s impossible to get a flat stomach if you’re consuming too many calories, and it’s also important to consume the right kinds of calories. Processed foods, complex carbohydrates, and sugars are the worst perpetrators of expanding waistlines, so in order to get thin you need to eliminate these nasty things from your diet.

A couple months ago I switched to a low-carb diet. While that might sound frightening, it actually wasn’t at all difficult to make the switch. All I had to do was remove bread, pasta, cereal, rice, and potatoes from my diet and replace them with things like lean meats, fresh produce, nuts and seeds, and dairy.

What I Used to Eat

Under my old eat-whatever-I-want diet, breakfast would often be something like a bowl of cereal, ½ a grapefruit, a banana, and a coffee. For lunch I would have a sandwich, apple, grapes, and maybe a couple pieces of chocolate. Dinner consisted of cheap and easy meals like meaty pasta or shake n’ bake chicken and there was always some kind of heavy carb on the side like potatoes or rice. This old diet might sound okay, and I was for the most part eating healthy, but it was still too carb-heavy and that was why I could never lose that gut no matter how hard I tried.

What I Eat Now

The basic idea of my new diet is that I’m getting no more than about 20 percent of my calories from carbs. I don’t bother counting calories. As long as most of my calories are from fat and protein, I’m good. Breakfast can be two eggs, two slices of bacon, ½ a grapefruit, and a coffee. For lunch, I’ll have a yoghurt parfait and a small serving of nuts. Dinner will be a pile of raw veggies, salmon, and some quinoa. Other things I might eat are tuna salad wraps, bean salad, spinach salad, or roast chicken, just to name a few. There’s almost no processed garbage in what I’m eating now and the amount of carbs is significantly reduced.

The Results

At first I thought this diet would just be temporary, but given the results I’ve had so far I’ve decided this is what I’m eating from now on. I can wear my belt two notches higher than before, and people are noticing that I’ve lost weight. When I see myself in the mirror I really do look thinner and it’s not just because I shaved my beard. I can feel the separations between my ab muscles starting to come out and I could never do that before even when I was going to the gym three times a week. While I don’t have a six pack yet, I’m confident that if I started working out again I would end up with that coveted washboard stomach in due time.

Thanks to a couple simple dietary changes I managed to get thin without even stepping inside a gym. If you’re having similar problems, it could help to reconsider your diet and make a few changes. You are what you eat, after all.


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