I’m Taking a Much Deserved Vacation Next Week

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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a vacation. In fact, the last time I actually went on a trip that lasted more than a long weekend was when I went to Costa Rica back in 2011, so I have never taken a vacation in all my time as a freelance writer. You could say I’m about due. So, this coming Monday July 6 I will be leaving for a two-week adventure in Nova Scotia!

You might be thinking, “why Nova Scotia?” Well, before I go abroad and explore Europe, Asia, Africa, and more of Latin America I want to see more of my own country first. Sadly, I’ve only ever seen two provinces so there’s a lot of ground to cover. Nova Scotia is a place that has always intrigued me for a number of reasons, and it’s not very expensive to go there, so this is the perfect destination right now. Traveling to the west coast, on the other hand, is very expensive.

It has also occurred to me that as a freelancer I can take my work on the road and potentially travel indefinitely since all of my clients pay via either PayPal or direct deposit. That means I never have to be at home to receive a cheque. This trip can be a test run to see how feasible it is for me to travel long term while still doing my work. I will still be doing a minimal amount of work as I travel, probably just enough to pay for my expenses and allow me to break even. last month I moved into a new apartment and had to spend a lot of money on furniture, so it’s best if I do maintain some cashflow while I’m out.

That being said, this will be the last blog post I make until I return although I will be keeping a travel memoir during my trip. Perhaps an ebook will come out of it. We’ll see.  


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