It’s 2016. Lets Get This Year Started Right

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Happy New Year one and all! It’s been a while since I’ve used this blog for anything, and that’s mostly because I’ve been away. I spent Nov 27 – Dec 22 backpacking through Mexico on my own, flew straight to Toronto to see family for Christmas, returned to Montreal on Dec 28, and then decided to take the remainder of the year off until today, Jan 4. Over this past week at home I’ve been working on a new collection of poetry about my adventure in Mexico. That’s been moving along well so far, but now it’s time to get back to work! An update is necessary.

As of the start of the year I have 8 active clients. That’s a fair bit, and I’ve come a long way in my career as a writer in terms of income (I can live comfortably now, but not like a king) although in 2015 I didn’t really do anything to advance my career as a serious writer. I didn’t manage to get much notice at all as an author & poet. Most of my work was dedicated to copywriting or business journalism. While those things are my bread&butter, and allow me to sleep at night without worrying about how I’m going to pay rent, I need to step it up this year. I need a story.

I’m looking for a big, fat, juicy story to investigate and put my name on. I want something that I believe in, something that can make a difference, something that will change the way people think. I’ve been a pro writer for four years now. It’s time to get serious about making a name for myself as a real writer with talent and skills. I’m not content to simply write content for other businesses. This is my life’s work. All I need is a story…

I have a couple ideas, although I won’t go into extreme detail here. I will say that travel writing is, I think, going to be the end game for me. A writer gets to a certain point where he has to start narrowing it down and decide exactly what kind of writer he wants to be, and for me writing about travel and the environment are it. When I was in Mexico I saw so many incredible things, discovered a wonderfully diverse and fascinating culture with a heroic and tragic history. To write about some of the places I’ve been, the people, languages and history, would be a pleasure. I know how to get there. I just have to start working at it.

I’ve got all year, but the sooner the better. Here’s to a prosperous and free 2016!


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