My New Creative Project, Street Art Canada

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I lived in Montreal for three years, and during my time there I was always impressed with the amazing street art found everywhere in the downtown area. I would often Instagram the coolest pieces that I found, and those posts always got the most likes and shares out of all the stuff I posted. For me, 20+ likes on a post is phenomenal. It seemed that I’d struck a chord for once. In all of my social media endeavors I’ve never done anything that garnered much attention until now.

For a long time I had the idea  that I could turn this into a creative project. Now that I have a proper camera, not just a smartphone, I can take high quality photos, so why not start a new website dedicated to all the awesome street art that I find? I love photography because it requires you to get out of the house and explore the world, and I love street art, so it seems like the perfect marriage of interests.

Last week I created a new WordPress blog called Street Art Canada, and it features all the best urban art from across the country. So far I only have stuff from Toronto, but later this week I’ll be making a trip to Montreal to collect more photos with my Canon PowerShot. It’s an ongoing project, but eventually I want to have all the major cities in Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s covered.

For now, check it out and keep an eye on it because I make a new posts every day.  I’m really excited to to finally be doing this!

Check out Street Art Canada!


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