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In early September I had an interview at Workopolis. The downtown Toronto office is in the Toronto Star building, and it has a stunning view of the lake. The thought of going into work every day and setting my eyes upon all that blue harbourfront property made me want the job even more than I already did. I gave an excellent interview and hoped for the best.

I did not get the job, although I did at least come close. They did, however, offer to take me on as a freelancer so I jumped at the chance. I may not have gotten a full time position at this awesome company, but I can still contribute on a freelance basis. It’s a nice feather in my cap, and it’s refreshing to get to write about something other than business and finance all the time.

I’ve written four pieces for Workopolis so far, and last week the latest one was posted. In it I compare the cost of living in major cities across the country. I’m told the post has been doing well so far, so take a look!

My other published posts up to now include one on body language cues in the US presidential election candidates that can be useful in job interviews, and an explanation of the new mortgage lending rule changes. My fourth post will be coming soon.

Many thanks to the good people at Workopolis for taking me on. This came at a time when I really needed new clients, so the timing was right. 2016 has been a terrible, no good, very bad year year for me, but it’s starting to look like things are improving.


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