Riddell Writer: Now With Google Ads!

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21666662780_82b95dd02d_kI’ve been talking a lot about “doubling down” on my freelance writing business and taking things further. While this involves many things, I took the first step in that direction yesterday by upgrading my website to the Premium package. Of the three different upgrade packages it’s the most popular among freelancers, and the features it contains are indeed useful for people like me.

It removed all the WordPress ads, and that makes this site look more professional. It also provides an SEO plugin which makes the site more searchable, and it gives me the ability to run Google Adword campaigns to draw even more traffic to this site and, hopefully, more clientele. I also have the ability to do video posts, and that is something I want to start looking into now that I have a good camera. Many ideas for video content are already percolating inside my brain.

For example, tonight I’m going to a launch party for the latest issue of Vallum, a literary journal based in Montreal. Attending industry events like this is essential for my growth as a writer, and also a good opportunity to make a vlog.

The premium package also gives me the opportunity to monetize my site, but I’m going to avoid doing that becuase it would put up ads and I don’t want my site to look like a billboard.

I’ve never made an AdWords campaign before, but I know all about the power and utility of PPC ads thanks to all the articles on digital marketing I wrote for B2BNN. Setting up my first campaign was surprisingly simple. I read a guide to making effective ads written by Neil Patel, a respected authority on the subject, so I’m confident that the ad I made is a good one that’ll eventually pay dividends. I checked my campaign stats for the first time this morning, and my little ad has already earned over 1,000 impressions and 8 click-throughs. Not spectacular, but at least I know it’s working.

It’s too early to make any kind of judgements on how successful this is, but one thing I can be certain of is that it will absolutely bring my site to the attention of more people than before. As much as it pains me to admit, I’ve never gotten much traffic here so even modest results are going to translate to a marked improvement in page hits.

What’s the next step? Getting a professional email address and not using Gmail for my business anymore. There’s nothing wrong with Gmail, but it looks much more professional when you have your own email domain. Eventually I’ll be using something like chris@riddellwriter.com for correspondence. After that, I’ll have to officially register my business as an LLC. It doesn’t get much more professional than that!



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