Poem Accepted to Vallum Digital Edition 14.1

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I read in my Chinese New Year horoscope that February would be a good month. It turns out this time the stars are right.

Last week I received an acceptance letter from Vallum informing me that my poem “Lakeshore” will be published in the magazine’s digital edition 14.1. This is fabulous news becuase I’ve submitted to this magazine before only to be rejected, and the poem has also been rejected by a dozen other outlets since I wrote it four years ago. I am vindicated at last! And, as an added bonus, I can include an audio recording, video, or artwork to compliment the piece, so I’ll be providing a recording of me reading it.

Every time one of my poems gets published it injects me with fresh verve and vitality to forge ahead with my career. It’s not easy getting published and it never has been. The competition is insane, so receiving validation gives my ego a massive boost.

I have four outstanding poetry submissions at the moment, some of which were sent by mail, and all of them are with respected Canadian literary journals.  They are all several months old, one of them going onto a year now. That might sound bad but it’s actually a good sign becuase it means the work is still under consideration, and there may yet be more acceptance letters in my future. February has been good so far, let’s hope the trend continues!


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