Freelance Writing Services

I offer professional freelance writing services to big businesses, small publications, and everything in between. With over five years of experience writing for a wide range of newspapers, websites, and companies, I have the knowledge and skills to create content that improves your brand image, draws more readers to your site, and improves customer conversion.


2767136334_ec2b4ab045_bI studied journalism at Humber College, and I’ve written for great publications like The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and Torontoist. Over the years I’ve perfected my chops to stand among some of the finest in this field. If you’re looking for a reporter to write features and profiles, or to cover live events, I’m the guy for the job.

The thing I love most about freelance journalism is the adventure of always covering new stories, meeting different people, and learning new things every day. As a freelance journalist I aim for brevity and wit, and also for accuracy and fairness in every story I write.


Copywriting is a broad niche that can include many different things. I’ve written all sorts of copy from brief business profiles to full website rewrites. While every project is different they all have one thing in common: they all present a challenge.

Effective copywriting sells. It promotes what you have to offer and makes it stand out. It defines and sharpens your brand. Good copy gives your company character and supports a positive image. Bad copy falls flat and loses the reader’s interest, causing them turn away and look elsewhere.

Whether it’s web page copy, white papers, case studies, press releases, staff bios, or product descriptions, everything I write is held to a high standard mindful of the individual client’s needs and what will best help their business. As a freelance copywriter my goal is to make your business shine.


13983083088_f4fe7e77b8_zDo you have a great idea for a book but you don’t know how to get started? Maybe you have an incredible story tell and have even tried putting pen to paper on your own only to find that writing a book is a lot harder than it looks. If that sounds like you, a ghostwriter is exactly what you need.

As a ghostwriter I would take care of the writing and hand over the completed content so you can put your name on it and showcase the work as your own. I’ve ghostwritten content for C-Suite execs, so I know how hard it can be for busy business people to make the time to write something great. Writing is what I do, and I’m happy to do it for you.

Digital Content Creation

Google search rankings depend on how authoritative and up to date the content on your website is, so high-quality digital content is essential. Every webpage needs fresh, informative, relevant content to stand a chance at reaching the top of Google search.

Writing for digital mediums is my bread and butter, and I’ve done it for many big brands such as The Yellow Pages, Workopolis,  BDO Canada, and General Electric. If your company needs a steady supply of digital content writing, I’m always up to the task and am brimming with good ideas to promote your business and define your brand.

A professional freelance writer can do a lot for your business. Contact me to today, and let’s talk about what I can do for you!