A juvenile red-winged blackbird perched on a branch in Mill Valley Park, Mississauga. The forested ravine is active with many types of local wildlife such as foxes, owls, ducks, geese, and coyotes.

While writing forms the bread and butter of my business, I also do photography. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed as a hobby, but I also offer it as a value added service to my clients.

In first year of journalism school I took a couple of courses in photography and they gave me a solid foundation in the principals of photography and composition. I often look back on those classes fondly because I got to do some of the most fun stuff I’ve ever done in school. For our first assignment we all went down to Kensington Market for an afternoon to take photos about anything that we wanted with the purpose of creating a photoessay. You could say I literally “had a field day” there! Not only was it my first time in Kensington Market, a place which I still visit often, but it also opened me up to how fun and rewarding photography can be.

A view of the Toronto skyline at sundown on a breezy August evening.

On a professional basis, I’ve taken photos for The Yellow Pages when I wrote small business profiles for the Neighourhood Business Stories program. On a personal basis, I’m running my own passion project, Street Art Canada, which is a blog featuring the best graffiti murals from major cities across Canada.  After receiving loads of positive feedback and tons of likes and shares on my camera work, I know I have a sharp eye for good photos.

A heritage building goes up in flames in the Chinatown district of Montreal. Teams of firefighters battle the blaze bravely.

I aim to capture the beauty and character of the world I see; all the people, places, and events that make Planet Earth such a great place to be. I dream of photographing the most exotic and fascinating places in the world and writing beautiful stories to match the amazing photos I take. Photography allows me to indulge my restless wanderer’s spirit because you can’t find great photos sitting around at home– you need to get outside and explore the world!  I have a hunger for world travel, so to become a photojournalist focusing on world travel and different cultures is my dream job.

If you need to hire a freelance photographer, shoot me an email! I specialize in events, so if you’ve got a wedding, family gathering, or a birthday party I’d be happy to be your photographer. Contact me today and tell me what you need!


Leonard Cohen was Montreal’s most beloved son, so when he died in November 2016 the city installed this cross, tilted on its side, at the corner of du Parc and des Pins as an homage to the great poet and musician.