I’ll never forget my first poem. It was in grade 6. I had to write one for a school assignment, and for some reason I decided to write rhyming couplets about the colour black. I don’t have that poem today, and the only lines I remember are “black is the colour of a black widow spider, black is the colour of the blackboard beside her”, but that poem attracted the attention of a lot of people. I won an award at a school assembly for it, and the chair of the Peel School Board even sent me a card congratulating me. I still have that card today, in fact. It’s stashed in a box of keepsakes in my closet.

So, even from a young age it seemed I had the knack for poetry. Now, in my 30s, I’m still writing poetry but I’ve come a long way from elementary school. I’ve been published in multiple literary journals, and I intend on being published in many more.

Below is a list of the places where my poetry has been published so far.

  • Vallum issue 14.1 Digital EditionLakeshore, a poem about how the passage of time so quickly changes the face a city, was published in Vallum issue 14.1 digital edition. I also included an audio recording of myself reading it.


  • Sulphur Vol VI  – Slow Bikes, a poem from my travel poetry project Wild Dogs of Mexico, was published in Sulphur Vol VI, Laurentian University’s lit journal.


  • OnMetatron.comClouds Like White Mountains, a poem about the splendour of Costa Rica, was published on Metatron’s website. They are an arts collective based in Montreal comprised mostly of Concordia students, but I managed to wiggle my way into their company. Read the poem here.


  • Passion: Poetry Vol 2 – My first published published poem, French Girl Behind the Counter, appears in volume 2 of Passion: Poetry. It’s a small press magazine from Ottawa and I am very thrilled to finally see one of my creative works in a real magazine. Visit the website and order a copy!